Gold Krugerrands

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The Gold Krugerrand is considered as the grandfather of modern bullion. A Krugerrand is a South African coin produced by the South African Mint and the Rand Refinery. It was first minted on July 3, 1967 with the purpose of marketing South African gold. The term Krugerrand is a combination of the former President of the South African Republic (Paul Kruger) and the South African unit of currency (rand). 

In 1980, the majority of investors preferred storing their riches in Krugerrands, which accounted for about 90% of the global coin market at the time. For a while, the name “Krugerrand” was widely synonymous with the term “gold coins.” However, between the 1980s and 1990s, the Krugerrand feel out of favor after Western countries banned the importation of Krugerrand coins due its association with the apartheid government of South Africa. 


Gold Krugerrands are among the coins that do not carry any face value, which means they have not been assigned any value in Rand. However, the South African Reserve Bank of 1989 considers it as a legal tender. The amount of gold contained in Gold Krugerrands carry most of the coin’s value. This is why understanding the price of gold is important when it comes to finding out the value of a Gold Krugerrand. 


The obverse of a Gold Krugerrand features Otto Schultz’s portrait of Paul Kruger, who was the President of South African Republic during 1883 to 1900. He held office in 1896 when the world’s most profitable mines (Durban Deep) was founded. One the same side, the line “SUID-AFRIKA · SOUTH AFRICA” can be seen in the coin’s legend. 

Meanwhile, on the reverse side of the coin is the image of a springbok Antelope by Coert Steynberg. The mint date of the coin can be seen in the coin’s field. The legend is inscribed with “KRUGERRAND” and the gold weight.


Gold Rounds

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Unlike gold coins that are made with higher premiums and produced by sovereign or government mints, gold rounds are made by private mints. These are establishments that significantly charge less of the number of rounds they produced. However, both coins and rounds get the same attractive minted finish and appearance and features like weight and purity. Ultimately, gold rounds have no face value and legal tender status. This only means that they cannot be spent for payment of taxes and debts. 

Value of Gold Rounds

Primarily, gold rounds are not made as legal tender ad have no face value. This likely means that they are made for the purpose of paying taxes or debts. However, gold rounds are valued based on weight and purity. These are two criteria that make gold rounds easier for valuation compared to gold bullion coins.  

With gold rounds in your possession, you are surely significantly adding to your portfolio. Remember that gold round is a good investment in the market today. While gold rounds are made of pure metal as opposed to some coins, they are priced based on their actual precious metal content. 

We Buy Gold Rounds

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Gold Coins

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Gold coins are disc-shaped legal tender made from gold. They can be used for the payment of taxes and debts. Most of them have been minted since the 1800s and are made from 90-92% of fine gold. The weight of gold in each coin determines the value and its status.  If you have these precious items in your possession, Nevada Coin Mart is the best place for your to sell your gold coins. 

History of Gold Coins

Gold coins were used in trade since the Bronze age in many ancient civilizations. However, it was only in the 6th century BCE wherein the coinage was officially established in Anatolia, present-day Turkey. The creation of gold coins is credited to King Croesus of Lydia. However, the Parian Chronicle says that Pheidon of Argos was its inventor.

Gold coins also found their way to various parts of the world. The Chinese were said to have minted their earliest gold coin, the Ying yuan. The Ying yuan are coins that consist of different sizes of gold sheets that are 3-5 mm thick.

In the 20th century, the use of gold coins fell into disuse. In 1933, the use of gold coins as currency was seized as countries switched to other metals for minting currency because of gold hoarding during the Great Depression. 

These historical events paved the way for increasing not only its historical value but also its collectible. This is why as you sell your gold coins, it is important that you know how to trace back the origin of your items.

Gold Coin Value

Gold bullion coins simply differ from numismatic and semi-numismatic coins. Numismatic coins’ value is basically based on their rarity and historical significance. On the other hand, gold coins are considered investment-grade gold with a purity that ranges from 99.5% to 99.99%. 

Also, the price of a gold coin is determined by its collectability, rarity, weight in ounces, and the spot price of gold. As you sell your gold coins, make sure to find out how much gold bullion is being traded for today, please click on the link below for more information. Make sure you use the US market as your reference.

We Buy All Types of Gold Coins

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Here are some of the popular gold coins that we look forward to buying from you.

We are open 365 times a year, from 9 am to 6 pm. Come visit us at Nevada Coin Mart® 4065 S. Jones Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89103 or call us up at 702-998-4000.


Sell Gold Scrap

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Scrap gold is any item that predominantly contains gold and is intended to be melted down, reprocessed, and recycled. The term “scrap gold” alludes to gold that is sent to a refiner to be dissolved down and reused. In this way, anything that contains gold and is intended to be reprocessed can be considered a piece of gold.

A lot of people often confuse scrap to an unusable material. What sets it differently from waste is that it has monetary value, especially for recovered metallic and non-metallic materials. These include gold items.  For instance, on the off chance that you pitch your old gems to a gold merchant, who will send it to a refinery, the things you offer will be purchased as scrap gold.

Brief History

The process of scrapping began with recycling materials that are considered leftovers or waste after manufacturing and consumption of products. This process specifically applies to reprocessing scrap metal from a variety of materials in combination with steel. However, as time goes by, the scrapping involves already recycling precious items made from metals of monetary value like gold.

Historically, scrap gold is often attributed to its significance at the time it began to flourish. Scrap gold jewelry is the best illustrative of the rich. Long history brought forth a unique piece of gold jewelry in esteemed disposition, regardless of whether the progression of time is still rich. 

Value of Gold Scraps 

The estimation of scrap gold relies upon two primary factors: weight and virtue. Therefore, if you know the cost of gold per unit of weight and you, likewise, know the karat of a bit of gold jewelry, you can assess its incentive as scrap gold. For example, you have an 18K piece that measures 100 grams. At that point, the real gold substance of the thing is 75% (18K isolated by 24), or as it were, you have 75 grams of pure gold.

An essential feature for scrap gold is its purity, which discloses what level of a thing is composed of genuine gold and the amount of the piece is made of different metals.

Where to Sell Gold Scraps

Nevada Coin Mart is where you will get the most cash for your gold scraps. We are the largest buyer of gold nuggets and scraps and other precious items in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. We offer a free in-store evaluation for your piece using a state-of-the-art Thermo Scientific Niton X-Ray Spectrometer in order to accurately analyze and measure precious metal contents in your piece. This will ensure that you get top-dollar for your gold scraps and nuggets. 

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Gold Nuggets

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Gold nuggets are basically gold fragments. They are described as naturally occurring pieces of native gold. These are usually recovered by placer mining or the mining of stream bed deposits for minerals. Nuggets can also be found in residual deposits where the veins or lodes that contain gold are weathered. Tailing pipes of previous mining operations are also one resource of gold nuggets. 

Brief History

On the other hand, gold nuggets stem from the time gold came into existence in the market industry. Back then, gold nuggets were not significantly given attention by several precious stones enthusiasts as gold, silver, and diamond started to thrive in the industry, especially for fashion and costume jewelry. But throughout history, two gold nuggets are claimed to be the largest in the world. These are the Welcome and the Canaã nugget, the latter being the largest existing natural nugget. 

Value of Gold Nuggets

Unlike scrap gold jewelry, gold nuggets are more valued by collectors. They can commonly bring a small premium above their melt value alone. Since it is rare, a natural gold nugget’s value may stay the same over time, but with the market and pricing trends, its value is most likely to appreciate. Several criteria like size, weight, and rarity are what most people consider when valuing a gold nugget. Then, in the actual transaction, the spot price of gold is another major consideration. To learn more about it, click here:

Where to Sell Gold Nuggets

Nevada Coin Mart is where you will get the most cash for your gold nuggets. We are the largest buyer of gold nuggets and other precious items in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. We offer a free in-store evaluation for your piece using a state-of-the-art Thermo Scientific Niton X-Ray Spectrometer in order to accurately analyze and measure precious metal contents in your piece. This will ensure that you get top-dollar for your gold nuggets. 

Come visit us at Nevada Coin Mart® 4065 S. Jones Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89103 or call us up at 702-998-4000. We are open 365 times a year from 9 am to 6 pm. You are definitely in the right place to sell your gold nuggets. With the best customer service in Las Vegas and Henderson, the selling experience is absolutely the first-class service you’ll ever get!


Gold Bars

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Nevada Coin Mart is definitely the best place to sell gold bars in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. Selling your gold bars will definitely become a worthwhile experience as you will be dealt with by experts and staff members offering the best customer service for your concerns. You are certainly going to get the top-dollar price of your precious items. As you sell your gold bars for instant cash to the best gold bar dealer Nevada Coin Mart


Gold bars are a kind of gold bullion that is a refined gold metal. Gold bars come in different sizes, and each size is manufactured differently. For example, large gold bars are made by a procedure called “casting,” meaning that the metal is poured into molds at its liquid state. Bars made using the “casting” procedure are called ingots. Smaller bars, however, are produced by minting or stamping gold sheets. 

The gold bars that the central bank gold reserves are kept at a standard weight of 400 troy ounces (27.37 pounds; 438.9 ounces) are also the weight that is typically traded among bullion dealers. However, other bars with varying weight are also accepted for trade, like the kilobar, which weighs 1,000 grams (32.15 troy ounces), and the 100 troy ounce bar. These smaller bars are easier to handle and are also used for trading and investment purposes. That’s why selling gold bars with these features in mind can put a great advantage to getting a fair transaction. 

Characteristics of Gold Bars

Manufacturers of gold bars added security features on the bars to prevent the bars from being stolen or counterfeited. The common security feature that bars typically have are serial numbers stamped on the bar itself. Some manufacturers will also have a certificate of authenticity that comes with the bar. Ideally, the gold bars should have a stamped serial number and a certificate of authenticity.

Remember that if you intend to sell gold bars that are minted,  they typically come with a sealed protective package, which prevents the bar from being damaged and tampered with. Some bars also come with an additional security feature called a Kinegram (a hologram inserted into the packaging); bars that contain this are called Kinebars. Cast bars are typically handled directly and do not come in protective packaging.

Gold Bar Value

The unit of measurement used to measure gold’s weight is called troy ounce. Gold dealers sometimes just refer to gold’s weight as an ounce. One troy ounce is equal to 31.1034768 grams. Knowing the gold bar’s weight is also crucial in determining the gold bar’s value along with its purity or fineness. Gold bars are an excellent investment as they can be exchanged for cash and are universally accepted worldwide. So if you are in a pinch, you can sell your gold bars to gold bar buyers. These are some important considerations that you need to bear in mind if you intend to sell your gold bars for cash. 

Gold bar buyers usually look at the gold bars by their weight. The heavy the gold bar is, the more valuable it is. So if you want to sell gold bars, make sure to find out how much gold is traded for today, please click on the link below for more information. Make sure you use the US market as your reference.

Selling Gold Bar in Las Vegas & Henderson NV

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Dental Gold

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Gold teeth, dental crowns, and grillz are some of the most sought-after articles of jewelry that a lot of people since then have been using. They started first as hygienic dental replacement and restoration. Then, they transitioned to becoming fashion items in the 1900s. Until today, these are considered modern fashion items deemed to have monetary value.

You might probably ask what these things are for. First, gold teeth are a form of dental prosthesis replacing or capping the visible part of a tooth with a gold prosthetic. Second, a crown also called a dental cap, is basically a cap or covering of a tooth or dental implant that has been damaged from breakage, tooth decay, a root canal, or a large filling. It aims to protect a tooth’s health when a large cavity threatens it. On the other hand, grillz also called grills or fronts is a type of decorative dental jewelry article covering one or more teeth. The distinct feature of grillz is that they are removable unlike crowns, which are set permanently.

These dental restorations are usually made of gold, silver, and other jewel-encrusted precious metals. Today, they are used for the purpose of dental health and work and become articles of jewelry among many collectors around the world for their custom and handmade designs. They are believed to signify a status symbol in modern times. 

Brief History

Gold has played a significant role throughout the history of dentistry. In ancient times, a gold wire was widely used as a method in dentistry. In the 19th century, the same precious metal was also used for filling cavities. Since then, gold has been used as a substitute for the natural teeth for its property of being malleable. It is nearly immune to corrosion and is the closest to the hardness of natural teeth. As a result, it causes no harm during chewing. 

An account of different historical events signifies the gradual development from dental restoration items to articles of jewelry. Some of these are of the following:

Gold Teeth

The popularity of gold teeth started in the early twentieth century among African Americans such as Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight boxing champion. However, after 1980, gold teeth became very rare in the United States until gold caps were popularized again in New York. This was later changed to sport gold grills, which lasted for over ten years. 

In South Africa, gold teeth became part of their fashion culture. As early as 12 years old, South Africans get permanent gold teeth. It became a big trend in the country in the late 1960s. Unlike other cultures, gold teeth represent social status or wealth. To South Africans, it’s only a fashion trend that spread to all of their communities. They also believe that gold scares away evil spirits, particularly Tikoloshe, who was afraid of the light and gold teeth wearers. 

Today, the wearing of gold teeth is still a trend in many regions of the world, like Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus Regions.   

Gold Dental Crown

A dental crown is believed to have been first used since 200 AD by people in Tuscany in Italy. Prostheses and crowns were traced back to ancient Italy’s Etruscans as one of the dental innovations in Europe. 

Another notable event in history was when skeletons dating back more than four millennia were found on Luzon’s island, with gold caps and crowns on their teeth. At that time, the crown consisted of a combination of gold, silver, copper, bronze, and other precious metals such as gold and silver. It was dated back 4000 years ago when the first known use of dental crowns happened in the Philippines and even 2500 years in China.

Over the years, scientists have learned that modifying teeth with gold was popular among chiefs and political rulers. Skeletons were in Southeast Asian countries with a long history of gold teeth and crowns in antiquity.

In the 17th century, Europeans replaced missing teeth with human teeth and began carving dentures out of bone and ivory. By the end of the 19th and start of the 20th century, Europeans started to carve prostheses from bone or ivory with gold and silver.

Gold Grillz

The use of grills began in the early 1980s when hip-hop artists in New York wore them as part of their fashion statement. From the 1990s to the mid-2000s, Grillz became even more popular due to the rise of Southern hip-hop rap and pop culture. This was later on upgraded when the hip hop culture started to insert gems into teeth. Famous hip hop artists like Raheem the Dream and Kilo Ali started to wear grills with drilled pieces of jade into their teeth. 

The famous owner of Eddie’s Gold Teeth, Eddie Plein, is believed to have made gold grillz popular in a lot of places in the United States. He made gold caps for certain famous rappers, and when he moved to Atlanta, he redesigned a more elaborate grillz. 

Grillz continues to become popular in the United States’ Southern region, particularly in Houston and Memphis. Its popularity continued to grow and flourish until the 2010s when French grill maker Dolly Cohen created custom oral jewelry for Rihanna, Cara Delevinge, and Rita Ora. 


There is definitely a market for your gold teeth, dental crown, and grillz. Although these items can never be reused, their metal value make them viable items of great worth. They are definitely valuable and can earn you thousands of dollars if you stow them in your dental office. However, you need to remember that their value is highly dependent on the spot price of gold which regularly changes. To learn more about it, click here:

These items’ worth is not the full market value of gold as they are not usable or pure until they are refined. Factors like materials used and the number of teeth covered predict the worth of these items. Also, if there are other precious stones drilled into these items, the value would definitely add up on top of gold’s market value. 

We Buy All Sorts of Gold Teeth, Dental Crowns, and Grillz

Nevada Coin Mart is the perfect place for you to get thousands of dollars for your gold teeth, dental crowns, and grillz. We are the best buyer of gold items and other precious items in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. Being one of the largest dealers of gold dental items and other precious items, we continue to provide the best customer service and efficient transaction. The free quote or in-store evaluation will assure you that we take pleasure in examining your gold dental items for what they are worth.

Here are some of the gold dental items that we look forward to buying from you:

  • High Noble Alloy Dental Crown (Precious Metal) – This is made from a minimum of 60 percent high noble alloy and 40 percent gold.
  • Noble Alloy Dental Crown (Semi-Precious Metal): It is a noble alloy consist of 25 percent precious metal.
  • Non-Noble Alloy Dental Crown (Non-Precious Metal): This is made from less than 25 percent precious metals.
  • Permanent Grillz – This is usually referring to 14k grillz teeth that are permanently attached to your teeth for a long term. Most permanent grillz cover the entire set of teeth. They are like braces, and the only way to take them off is to go to a grillz shop. This is considered as the best accessory that is worn by the hippest and coolest rapper in the industry. 
  • Insta-Grillz – Being the most common type of grillz, this accessory has gone through a lot of mass production. These are dental covers that are created based on the mold of your teeth. It can be worn and removed anytime you want. The metals that are used are limited and less customizable. 
  • Custom Grillz – This is like a combination of instant and permanent grillz. When you buy a permanent molding kit for your teeth, you can send it back to the manufacturer to have them build your grillz according to your preferences. However, since it is customizable, it takes time to finish and produce it. The following are some of the popular custom designs of grillz:
    • Classic Solids
    • Grill Caps
    • Shark Grillz
    • Bridge Grillz
    • Back Bar Grillz
    • Drip Grillz
    • Fang Grillz
    • Vampire Grillz
    • Open Face Grillz
    • Bullet Grillz
    • Cuban Link Grillz
    • Satin Finish Grillz
    • High-Polish Grillz
    • Nugget Grillz

You can visit our store from 9 am to 6 pm. Visit us at Nevada Coin Mart® 4065 S. Jones Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89103, or call us up at 702-998-4000. We are open 365 times a year. You will surely get a fair price for your silver quarter as you come by our establishment. 

Gold Watches

Sell Gold Watches to the Best Buyer in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

The first watches were described as mechanical devices powered by winding a mainspring which turned gears, moved the hands, and kept time with a rotating balance wheel. The word “watch” originated from the Old English word woecce which meant “watchman”, for it was used by town watchmen to keep track of their shifts. 

Another account reveals that the term came from 17th-century sailors, who used the new mechanisms to time the length of their shipboard watches (duty shifts). Most watches were worn by women, while men wore pocket watches, either of standard, intricate, or custom designs from standard metals to the most precious ones on earth.

Brief History

The history of gold watches is traced back to the 16th century when Germany produced the first set of timepieces. They were described as “clock-watches” for they were most likely the size between a clock and a watch. Having been made from gold, they were used as pieces of jewelry to embody status and nobility in society.  

In the 17th century, gold watches were turned into pocket watches, making them easily exposed to external elements which often affected their ability to function accurately and properly over a sustained period of time. This is why in 1957, innovation to improve the accuracy of watches was introduced through the “balance spring” gold watch. This continued until the 18th century with more enhanced features like temperature compensation, chronometers, and the lever escapement. 

Mass production of watches started in the 1800s. Then, wrist watches became extremely popular in the early 1900s. In 1905, the Rolex company began its operations, and officially registered itself in the market trademark in 1908. This was followed by other famous brands such as Cartier. 

With the continued innovations in technology, from a transition of digital functionality to a fashionable gold watch market, gold watches continue to be the prestige of the watch world until today. 

Even with the intricate process of creating gold watches in the market, they continue to constitute wealth and noble status in the society. While gold is blended with different metals to produce alloys, it mixes some of the beneficial properties of gold with the hardness of these different metals. Historically, most gold-cased watches were both 14k or 18k gold. 18k gold watches are an incredibly recent phenomenon, having emerged as a famous timepiece beginning within the early eighties, when gold prices commenced to boom. 

In the commercial enterprise world, gold watches worn through sure sorts of enterprise people and experts are a trademark of fulfillment and status. people desired to paintings with folks who should find the money for themselves gold watches because it implied a level of ongoing financial achievement and social importance.

Today, gold watches have incomparable social esteem despite the fact that their significance in the watch industry has changed with the rising of numerous different sorts of intriguing materials. Clear materialistic trifles, for example, gold watches can even be hazardous to wear in specific parts of the world, and in a few occurrences, may even pass on social messages about one’s ways of managing money which one might not have any desire to convey.

Have you at any point been interested in the estimation of your watch? Maybe it’s a gold pocket watch that has been gone down through your family for ages or a steel wristwatch that you purchased from a second hand advertiser. It isn’t generally valuable metals that characterize the estimation of a watch, truth be told, but an expansion in pieces of the overall industry of base metals have expanded these material’s worth.

Value of Gold Watches


Best Place to Sell Gold Watches

Nevada Coin Mart is the best place to sell your gold watches. We buy all sorts of gold watches and pay you with instant cash for your item. We have experts using standard facilities to give you a fair evaluation of your items. The following are the gold watches that we look forward to buying from you:

  • Men’s Gold Watches
  • Women’s Gold Watches
  • Yellow Gold Watches
  • White Gold Watches
  • Broken Gold Watches
  • Damaged Gold Watches

Come visit us at Nevada Coin Mart® 4065 S. Jones Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89103 or call us up at 702-998-4000. We are open 365 times a year from 9 am to 6 pm. You are definitely in the right place to sell your gold watches. With the best customer service in Las Vegas and Henderson, the selling experience is absolutely the first-class service you’ll ever get!


Gold Jewelry

Sell Gold Jewelry to the Best Gold Jewelry Buyer in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Gold is a precious metal that is characterized by its lustrous yellow color. It is the densest, most malleable, and ductile of all precious metals. The most known use of gold is currency. History shows that gold was a valuable asset to our ancestors as they use it in trading with each other and with other travelers. Another most popular use of gold is in jewelry. This is evident throughout human history and is prevalent in many cultures. This fascination with the precious metal is very observable even up to this as the market is crowded by a lot of people selling gold jewelry to the best gold jewelry buyers. 

Brief History

Throughout history, gold has been used in decorating homes, tombs, and other structured properties of the rich in the earliest part of the 4th century BC. It has been suggested by historians that the use of gold in jewelry originated in Eastern Europe or Iraq, but many other texts about its origin came up, like the claim of the first recorded data of the use of gold that was five millennia ago in Egypt. But one it was very clear back then that trades between kingdoms and old countries included gold exchange.  

During the Georgian and Victorian eras, gold was worn with silk and velvet designed for royalties. Wearing gold jewelry, set with rubies, diamonds, sapphires, and other precious stones, identifies power and authority. Gold in history is exclusive to the upper class of society. Only those who can afford to show off their wealth have the power to show off their gold. For this reason, different elegant designs of jewelry and accessories were made to prove the exclusivity of gold to rich families.

Gold as an Investment

Gold is one of the world’s most valuable metals and commodities. The use of gold as currency is seen throughout human history. Gold can be sold for cash in almost every country worldwide. Gold jewelry in its many forms has a certain amount of gold in it. That’s why a lot of people invest in gold jewelry because it can be resold at a higher price depending on its condition, purity, and weight.

Moreover, many consumers see gold jewelry as a sound investment and as an asset.  Though its price may be unpredictable and would seem stagnant in the market, the value interestingly has managed to increase unlike coins, paper currencies, and other assets, and this opened the demand for gold to the middle class. 

While many industries today take a sliding route to bankruptcy and closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the gold industry is predicted to be a continuously thriving business.  WGC also predicts that “increased market uncertainty and the expansion of protectionist economic policies will make gold increasingly attractive as a hedge.” Consumers are now more than willing to buy and sell gold jewelry for future profit.  They now look for dependable companies like Nevada Coin Mart that can help them sell and buy gold with peace of mind, knowing that market assessment is done fairly.

Best Place to Sell Gold Jewelry

Nevada Coin Mart is the best place to sell gold jewelry as it offers a free in-store evaluation for your piece using a state-of-the-art Thermo Scientific Niton X-Ray Spectrometer in order to accurately analyze and measure precious metal contents in your piece. This will ensure that you get top-dollar for your items. We are open 365 times a year from 9 am to 6 pm, so come visit us at Nevada Coin Mart® 4065 S. Jones Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89103 or call us up at 702-998-4000.

Types of Gold Jewelry 

As gold is a very versatile and malleable metal, it can be formed to almost any shape or form. This quality is likewise one of the things that makes gold an excellent metal for making all sorts of jewelry items. Below are what buyers of gold jewelry in Las Vegas usually buy:

The gold jewelry market also has three kinds of gold: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. While yellow gold is the purest form of gold, white gold and rose gold are still very valuable and you can still sell your gold jewelry for cash.

Purity of Gold

While gold’s weight is measured in troy ounces (1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams), gold purity is measured in karats, which are the ratio of gold to other metals and are represented by a number from 8 to 24. The higher the karatage is, the purer the gold, as such a 24-karat (24K) jewelry piece is considered pure gold. At the same time, lower karat pieces have a lower gold content, thus lesser value.

In addition, when buying or selling your gold jewelry it is important to remember that the higher the Karat (k), the more money you will be walking away with! Here’s a quick guide to gold purity.

  • 8k (8kt, 333, 8/24) = 33.3% of gold purity
  • 9k (9kt, 375, 9/24) = 33.7% of gold purity
  • 10k (10kt, 417, 10/24) = 41.7% of gold purity
  • 12k (12kt, 500, 12/24) = 50.0% of gold purity
  • 14k (14kt, 585, 14/24) = 58.5% of gold purity
  • 18k (18kt, 750, 18/24) = 75.0% of gold purity
  • 22k (22kt, 916,917, 22/24) = 91.7% of gold purity
  • 24k (24kt, 999, 24/24) = 99.9% of gold purity

Value of Gold

The price of gold changes daily and it is based on the spot price of gold. What is the spot price you ask? The spot price is the selling price of gold on that day. And the price of gold is volatile and it is a high-risk investment that can yield high returns or loss. Most people who invest in gold and its many forms monitor the spot price daily. Some days it is high and some days it’s not. To learn more about the spot price of gold as you sell your gold jewelry, click here:

Generally, gold jewelry buyers usually follow a formula in determining the value of your jewelry. The formula is the gold price (current spot price) multiplied by the weight in grams then multiplied by the purity rate per grams. Here is also the purity rate chart for your reference:

  • 10K = 0.013397642
  • 14K = 0.018756699 
  • 18K = 0.024115756
  • 21K = 0.028135048
  • 22K = 0.029474812