Britannia Coin Value with Gold | Gold Britannia Prices in Las Vegas

As a bullion coin, a Gold Britannia coin value relies heavily on the amount of actual gold it has, so selling it can really earn you a few extra bucks. That said, we recommend you bring your Gold Britannia coins. Our store pays the highest amount for such coins in all of Las Vegas and Henderson. If you want to learn and understand the price of your Gold Britannia coin, feel free to read on.

The Royal Mint is the exclusive manufacturer of the beloved Brittania, the official bullion coin of Britain. The collection started off with Gold Britannia coins, which ultimately made its debut in 1987. The Mint followed this with the production and release of Silver Britannia coins in 1997. Then, The Mint eventually released Platinum Britannia coins, which debut in 2018. Among the three versions, however, Gold Britannia coins are the most popular across the globe. It contains 1 toz of gold and carries a face value worth £100. Obviously, having a whole lot of Gold Britannia coins can make your investment portfolio quite diverse and appealing. In this situation, keeping a Gold Britannia is probably a good idea. However, if you only have one, you might want to consider selling it instead.

Britannia Coin Value

When the gold Britannia was first minted in 1987 until 2012, its gold content was 91.7% fine gold or 22-karats, with the remaining 8.3% being copper until 1989 and silver in 1990 onwards. In 2012, the Royal Mint switched to using .9999 fine gold or 24-karats. 

The most recent release of the Britannia in 2013 saw the Royal Mint move to a 99.99% pure gold version of the coin. The Gold Britannia price stems from its status as a legal tender in the UK and so is capital gains tax exempt for UK investors, and, since Britannia meets the requirements for EU investment gold, it can be purchased free of VAT across the European Union.

The coin is available in other size denominations of ½, ¼, and 1/10 of a troy ounce with the corresponding face values of £50, £25, and £10. Two more sizes were released in 2013 a 5-ounce coin with a face value of £500 and a 1/20 of a troy ounce with a face value of £5.

Britannia Coin Price

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Brief History

Since its release in 1987, the Gold Britannia gained quite the popularity in the international gold market. Gold Britannia coins actually owe part of its success to the sudden boom of the international bullion market that had already taken place before Britannia’s release. In fact, the Royal Mint manufactured Gold Britannia coins to satisfy a growing demand for bullion coins. Nigel Lawson announced the inclusion of the 1 oz fine Gold Britannia to the official Bullion portfolio of The Royal Mint. He did this during his term as the Chancellor of the Exchequer back in 1987.

Historically speaking, Britain joined the bullion trend a little late. Turns out, the undeniable success of bullion coins that other countries is what prompted the creation of the Britannia. So, Queen Elizabeth II officially directed the production of the Britannia through the Privy Council Office.

Design of British Gold Coins

When it comes to British bullion coins, five portraits of the Queen have been used so far. The first Gold Britannia coin features British sculptor Raphael Maklouf’s portrait of a young Queen with her crown and earring. The words “ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA F. D.” surround the upper part of the Queen’s profile. Then, the words “100 POUNDS” are stamped below the image. These details make up the obverse side of Britannia.

Meanwhile, the reverse side of the coin depicts the image of a female figure from home the Britannia gets its name from. This was the work of artist and sculptor Philip Nathan. He created the image of Britannia based on the design of the Florins coin (also known as Two Shillings). This female figure is present in all versions of the Britannia, regardless of its main metal content (gold, silver, or platinum).

For the first Gold Britannia coins, Nathan positioned the female figure (also named Britannia) looking to her left. Her hair seems to be flowing due to being blown away by air. She holds a trident in her right hand, and she’s carrying a Union Flag along with an olive branch in the other. Also, at the base of the coin, you will find the artist’s signature. The prominence of these details can definitely increase a Gold Britannia coin’s value, so try to find them on your coin if you wish to sell. 

Experts call this design today the Traditional or the Classic Britannia. Interestingly, this design was the very first one, and it lasted from 1987 to 1996. Then, the same design was reused for special edition coins that The Royal Mint released in commemoration of Britannia’s 10-year anniversary. They also used this class Britannia design ever now and then in 1998 until 2013.