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The Gold Sovereign is a British gold coin that contains nearly one-quarter of an ounce of gold – 0.2354 oz. The Royal Mint has been minting Gold Sovereigns since 1817. Originally, the government placed Gold Sovereigns in circulation as a form of currency that would be accepted in Britain and other places in the world. However, people use Gold Sovereigns now more as a bullion coin, which they even mount in jewelry from time to time. Today, many people sell Gold Sovereigns because of their historical and market value. On that note, Nevada Coin Mart is the best Gold Sovereign buyer if you want to exchange your coins for great cash. If you want to learn about the price of Gold Sovereign coins, you should read on. 

Sell Gold Sovereign Designs

Obverse Design

The Sovereign’s obverse side is always a portrait of the current monarch, meaning the present design is a right-facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. A younger Queen Elizabeth II appears in the earlier version of the Sovereign. The words “ELIZABETH II,” “DEI GRA,” “REGINA,” “FID,” “DEF” are present on the coin’s obverse side. 

Reverse Design

The reverse side of the Sovereign has seen many changes over the years. So a Sovereign from 2002 is different from 2005. The current design of the reverse side of the Sovereign is Saint George and the Dragon. Benedetto Pistrucci originally designed it in 1817. The design depicts St. George with a sword in his hand riding a horse slaying a dragon. The authenticity of this design primarily determines the value of Gold Sovereigns in the market. 

Value of Gold Sovereign

The nominal value of Gold Sovereign is £1. And it consists of .917 (0.2354 troy ounces) fine gold and .083 copper. However, like other gold bullion coins, its real value is based on its gold content and weight. Other factors that affect the value of a Gold Sovereign coin include the prominence of its details as well as its date. Sell your Gold Sovereign coins now if you know you have a good one. Do your research first and set a price for your Gold Sovereign. This way, you can make an offer. 

Price Sovereign Price

It is true that Gold Sovereigns are legal tender. However, they also double as bullion coins. As a bullion item, its bullion value will always be higher than its face value. Hence, the spot price of gold can heavily influence the price of Gold Sovereigns. That said, if you plan to sell Gold Sovereign coins, be sure to check out the spot price of gold first before doing anything else. This price can help you determine a base price for your own Gold Sovereign. Click this link to see the spot price of gold:

Characteristics of Gold Sovereign

If you want to sell Gold Sovereign coins, you need to know first what makes them attractive and valuable. The Sovereign is not really heavy, for it only has a gross weight of 7.98 grams. However, its actual gold weight is 7.31 grams. It is also composed of 9167 gold, 22 karats. Its thickness is only 1.52 mm or 0.059 inches. 

The British Gold Sovereign comes in various sizes. One is the Double Sovereign, which weighs 15.98 grams and has a diameter of 28.4 mm, and contains 14.63 grams of fine gold. Another is the Full Sovereign, which weighs 7.9 grams, has a 22.05 mm diameter, and contains 7.32 grams of fine gold. 

Where to Sell Gold Sovereign

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Gold Sovereign Buyer

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Brief History

The history of Gold Sovereigns can be traced back to 1498. Henry VII first authorized a certain English coin called the “sovereign.” He sanctioned the production of these Sovereign coins as a response to the increase of gold in Europe from West Africa at the time. Sovereigns were 42mm in diameter and weighed around 15.5 in grams. The coins were double the weight of ryals, which were the current gold coin back then. Since Sovereigns were bigger than the usual gold coin, people considered them more valuable. The administration noticed this and started to present them only to dignitaries instead of putting them in circulation.

In 1816, under the reign of King George III, the first British Sovereign was minted. With the command of William Wellesley Pole, the Master of the Mint, Pistrucci designed the coin’s new image. After creating, it started to become unpopular—the public before preferred using the banknotes because it is more convenient to use. However, the law limited the paper currency of value £1. Because of this law, the competition between the banknotes and the coin ended, making the Sovereign a popular circulating coin. In fact, it was used in international trades and overseas. It also contained a quantity of gold, which made it a trusted coin. Selling Gold Sovereign coins at that was one of the most prolific practices done by the people.