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The Gold Sovereign is a British gold coin that contains nearly one-quarter of an ounce of gold – 0.2354 oz. The British Gold Sovereigns have been produced since 1817. Then, they were circulated as currency during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries throughout the world. These coins continue to be the most recognized coin in the world. 

Brief History

A gold coin called a sovereign was first produced in England in 1489 under King Henry VII, bearing the King’s effigy, hence the name sovereigns. Sovereign production continued under subsequent monarchs until 1604. During the 1800s and early 1900s, with the opening of the different branch mints within the British Empire, the Royal Mint discovered major gold fields. From then on, they manufactured gold sovereign at various times.

Since the modern sovereign has a nearly 200-year history, they are referred to by the monarch’s name at the time it was produced and minted. It was called the modern gold sovereign, which is believed to cover all the sovereigns produced since 1817 as part of the Great Coinage of 1816. The gold sovereign coin is featured in a sequence of monarchs from 1817 to 1901: 1817 – 1820 George III, 1821 – 1830 George IV, 1831 – 1837 William IV, and 1838 – 1901 Victoria. 

In 1816, under the reign of King George III, the first British Sovereign was minted. With the command of William Wellesley Role, the Master of the Mint, Pistrucci designed the coin’s new image. After creating, it started to become unpopular—the public before preferred using the banknotes because it is more convenient to use. However, the law limited the paper currency of value £1. Because of this law, the competition between the banknotes and the coin ended, making the sovereign a popular circulating coin. In fact, it was used in international trades and overseas. It also contained a quantity of gold, which made it a trusted coin.

The Victorian era had the longest reign among all monarchs who served Great Britain. There were several design changes to the Victorian portrait on sovereigns throughout the whole period of her reign. From 1838 to 1887, sovereigns depict her first portrait and are described as Victoria young head coins. Then, from 1887 to 1893, a second portrait was introduced and called the Victoria jubilee head to celebrate the Golden Jubilee. Another portrait was made and known as the Victoria old head from 1893 to 1901. 

The reign of Queen Victoria in the British Empire paved the way for the popularity of the sovereign throughout the world. It started to be minted in Australia and South Africa and became large producer of gold. Also, the mints in Pretoria, Bombay, Ottawa, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney were found to be producers of hundreds of millions of sovereigns during the late 1800s and early 1900s. 


The sovereign’s obverse side is always a portrait of the current monarch, meaning the present design is a right-facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. A younger Queen Elizabeth II appears in the earlier version of the sovereign. The words “ELIZABETH II,” “DEI GRA,” “REGINA,” “FID,” “DEF” are present on the coin’s obverse side. 

The reverse side of the sovereign has seen many changes over the years. So a sovereign from 2002 is different from 2005. The current design of the reverse side of the sovereign is Saint George and the Dragon. Benedetto Pistrucci originally designed it in 1817. The design depicts St. George with a sword in his hand riding a horse slaying a dragon.

Gold Sovereign Value

The gold sovereign has a nominal value of £1. And it consists of .917 (0.2354 troy ounces) fine gold and .083 copper. However, like other gold bullion coins, its real value is based on its gold content and weight. 

Characteristics of British Gold Sovereign

What makes a British Gold Sovereign more attractive are its features. The sovereign is not really heavy, for it only has a gross weight of 7.98 grams. However, its actual gold weight is 7.31 grams. It is also composed of 9167 gold, 22 karats. Its thickness is only 1.52 mm or 0.059 inches. 

The British Gold Sovereign comes in various sizes. One is the Double Sovereign, which weighs 15.98 grams and has a diameter of 28.4 mm and contains 14.63 grams of fine gold. Another is the Full Sovereign, which weighs 7.9 grams, has a 22.05 mm diameter, and contains 7.32 grams of fine gold. 

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