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Minted by one of the best-known mints, the Royal Canadian Mint, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins are bullion coins that are 0.9999 pure. These coins had been minted since 1979 using some of the latest minting technologies to mint beautiful bullion coins. This coin has a legal tender with a face value of $50. It is considered one of the most popular and most liquid 1 oz gold bullion coins. 

Brief History

Before the mass production of a 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the coin was first studied by Canadian government officials. From as early as 1977, they planned to create a coin in competition with South Africa’s 1oz gold Krugerrand coin. The making of this gold bullion coin was originally realized through the idea of Walter Ott. It aimed to substitute for the South African Krugerrand coin at that time. Walter intended to produce this kind of coin to become the most precious, popular, and purest coin made of gold in the whole world. 

During that time, the South African Krugerrand was the only gold bullion coin available in the market. However, a social system occurred in South Africa regarding a disparity of political and economic rights between and among black people, white people, and other racial groups. For this reason, black people were forced to live separately from white people. Then, there is a great insufficiency of pure gold coins in the whole world. Consequently, the South African Krugerrand slowly disappeared in the market. 

This was the take-off point when the Canadian Government took to introduce the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin. The Canadian Government assigned the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin as the “International symbol of purity” launched in 1979. 

The Maple Leaf was originally minted on a three-year trial basis. It initially came with 5 million over three years, 1 million coins in 1979 and 2 million in 1980 and 1981. It was also aimed to reach international and Canadian markets and US and European markets.

The first Canadian Maple Gold Leaf coin had a fineness of .999 or 99.9% purity of gold. At the time, this was the highest gold content of any bullion coin ever produced. This has drawn many gold coin investors’ attention, especially that gold coins had 22 karats with a fineness of .9167. Then, in 1982, the Canadian Government enhanced the purity to a level of fineness of the Maple Gold Leaf coins .9999. This improvement made the Royal Canadian Mint, the Canadian Maple Gold Leaf coins producer became the first national mint to develop a .9999 gold coin in the whole world for commercial use. 

In 2007, the Royal Canadian Mint brought home the world record to produce a 100kg Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin with .99999 purity level of gold. 


The incomparable purity of .9999 fineness is one of the characteristics that the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins are best known for. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins have some special editions with .99999 purity level of gold. There was no other metal that was mixed with it. It was pure gold. This is why the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin is considered one of the most treasured and valued metal coins being collected since it was launched in 1979. 

Walter Ott designed the obverse side of the coin. It depicts the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen is shown wearing a pearl necklace and an earring. The name ELIZABETH II is shown on the top of the Queen’s image, while the year of issue and the coin’s face value is listed under the Queen’s profile.

The first Gold Maple Leaf that was minted depicts a younger Queen Elizabeth II, but in 1990 the design was changed to depict a more mature image of the Queen.

The reverse side of the Gold Maple Leaf is the most distinguishable image in the world of bullion. The Maple Leaf is also Canada’s national symbol. The name CANADA is shown on top of the coin, while the numbers 9999 is on the coin’s left and right. The words FINE GOLD and the coin’s weight appears on the bottom.

Value of Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

The Gold Maple Leaf has a face value of 50 Canadian dollars and is considered legal tender, which means it can be used to pay debt and taxes. However, its real market value is dependent on gold’s current spot price (which changes daily). The Gold Maple Leaf has a millesimal fineness of .9999 gold (24-karats) or 99.99% fine gold. It has a standard weight of 1 troy ounce (31.10 grams).

There are other size denominations that include ​1⁄25 oz., ​1⁄20 oz., ​1⁄10 oz., ​1⁄4 oz., and ​1⁄2 oz. The coins have a corresponding face value of CAD$0.50, CAD$1, CAD$5, CAD$10, and CAD$20. The primary factors that influence Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins’ market price are collectability, weight, and spot price. 

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