Where to Sell Your Gold Bracelet in Las Vegas | Gold Bracelet Value

Nevada Coin Mart is the best place where you can sell your gold bracelet in Las Vegas. Their store is home to jewelry experts who know the true value of your gold bracelet, and they guarantee you the highest amount of cash for your items. As a leading jewelry buyer, NCM also lets clients watch as their team analyzes items so sellers can feel at ease during the evaluation process. Read on if you want to learn more about selling gold bracelets.

Value of Gold Bracelet

Metals like gold, silver, and platinum and gems like diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds are valuable raw materials based on market pricing. As a result, their current spot prices as commodity items have a significant impact on the value of any jewelry. For instance, the price of gold during the time determines the value of your gold bracelet. Other factors can influence the price of a bracelet, too, but that is up to the buyer. To learn more about this information, click on the link here:https://www.kitco.com/charts/livegold.html

In addition, jewelry’s intrinsic value, or wholesale value, is regarded as its recyclable value. During the appraisal process, professionals and specialists look at jewelry as a collection of metals and jewels rather than as a complete piece. On the other hand, some used jewelry has a higher resale value than its intrinsic value. This price covers the jewelry’s inherent value as well as the craftsmanship involved in its creation. Also, if the jewelry is coveted in the marketplace, a design premium is added to its current value. If you want to find the best deals, try to look for a place where you can sell your gold bracelet for its melt value.

Popular Types of Gold Bracelet

If you wish to know where to sell your gold bracelet, you must first identify the type of bracelet you have. This way, you can give your buyer details immediately. In turn, they can decide right then and there if they are interested in buying your gold bracelet. Doing so can save you time and effort. Here are some of the most popular bracelet types that are commonly bought by the public:

Bangle Bracelet

A bangle is a solid bracelet that does not have a clasp or an opening. Bangles are loose, and, as a result, it tends to move around. They are trendy in Asian countries such as India and Sri Lanka, and are an essential element of one’s wardrobe.

Chain Bracelet

Metal loops are frequently connected to form a chain in chain bracelets. While they can be manufactured from any metal, gold and silver are the most popular options because of their worth and durability. In addition, the clasps on these bracelets make it simple to put on and take off.

Cuff Bracelet

Cuffs are a form of an inflexible bangle with an opening, unlike other inflexible bangles. This type of bracelet is easier to put on because they don’t have any clasps or closures. Wide cuffs have a bold, confident aesthetic, and they come in a range of sizes and styles. Thinner cuffs are better for everyday wear and go with any outfit.

Where to Sell Bracelet

Nevada Coin Mart is the ideal place where you can sell your gold bracelet in Las Vegas and Henderson. Among all the other jewelry stores in Nevada, we take pride in being the largest and the number one buyer of gold jewelry.  As the widest jewelry buyer in Las Vegas, we pay the most cash compared to other stores and pawnshops in the area. We are also equipped with the latest technology that can determine the true value of your bracelet. This way, we can give you the best deals that you deserve for your items. Visit us at Nevada Coin Mart, 4065 S. Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 to get a free quote. We are open from 9 AM to 6 PM. You can also call us at 702-998-4000 to talk to our resident experts on bracelets and other jewelry today. 


A bracelet is a looping piece of jewelry worn on the wrist. Owners can use it as an ornament, decorative, or for other purposes. They also act as a base for other embellishments, such as charms, when worn as decorations. Some bracelets include medical and identifying information written on them, such as allergy wristbands, hospital patient identification tags, and newborn baby bracelet tags. Bracelets can also mark a special occasion, such as breast cancer awareness or religious or cultural reasons.

Bracelets come in various styles and designs. A bangle, a bracelet made up of a single, stiff loop, is one of these. Another option is an ankle bracelet or anklet, which is for wearing around the ankle. Metal, leather, cloth, plastic, beads, or other materials can be part of necklaces. In addition, gems, pebbles, wood, shells, crystals, metal or plastic hoops, pearls, and various other materials also serve as complementary materials in the manufacturing of necklaces. Although far different from precious metals, these materials can still affect the value of your gold bracelet. 

Brief History

The Egyptian wristbands, which have been around since 5000 BCE, are significant contributors to the history of gold bracelets. Earlier communities used bones, stones, and woods to satisfy religious and spiritual concerns. The Scarab Bracelet is one of the famous symbols of ancient Egypt, as recorded by the National Geographic Society. Civilizations see it as a symbol of rebirth and transformation. They also sculpted Scarabs into jewelry and fastened them to the linen bandages of mummies. According to tradition, the scarab god Khepri moved the sun across the sky.

In Bulgaria, they have the “martenitsa,” wherein people wrap red and white ribbons around the wrist to appease Baba Marta and accelerate the onset of spring. The Greeks have a similar tradition they call Martis, which involves making a red and white string bracelet every March 1st and wearing it until the end of summer. It protects the wearer’s skin from the harsh Greek sun.

Meanwhile, in Latin America, believers use Azabache to ward off the Mal de Ojo or evil eye. According to tales, the evil eye is a result of too much admiration or jealous stares from others. A newborn baby can be protected from the evil eye by wearing an azabache, a gold bracelet, or necklace with a black or red coral charm in the shape of a fist. Sharing these details with a jewelry buyer can make you seem knowledgeable about what you are doing.

However, it can be hard to find individual buyers that will give you a good price for your bracelet. It requires time, effort, and good connections. To avoid this hassle, you can bring your gold bracelet to a buying establishment instead, such as Nevada Coin Mart. NCM is a jewelry store where you can sell your gold bracelet fast. It is the most favored gold bracelet buyer in Las Vegas, so make sure to bring as many gold bracelets as you can.