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Gold is indeed the color of sophistication, elegance, and quality. That’s why a variety of gold watches for men cannot be an exception. Gold watches for men are undoubtedly a classic yet bold choice perfect for any fashion from traditional to modern trends. 

Brief History 

Men began wearing gold watches in their pockets in the 17th century, as prolonged exposure to natural elements caused them to malfunction. However, wristwatches soon replaced pocket watches or fob watches.

The invention of “balance spring” in a gold watch in 1675 significantly contributed to the accuracy of the time it tells. Temperature compensation, chronometers, and the lever escapement are some of the inventions during the 18th century.

In the 1980s, men and women alike perceived watches as fashion accessories or simply an extension of their clothing. Significantly, during this time,  various companies started making women’s gold watches for fashion. Then, the 21st century has marked its trend for creating gold watches for outdoor use. The production of gold watches for men and women heightened the watch market as watches became an article of commerce.

Characteristics of Men’s Gold Watches

Gold watches are timeless pieces of jewelry. With the varying styles and designs that come along with it, men’s gold watches came into play. Men’s gold watches are famous for their quality characteristics that capture most men’s attention and want when it comes to this kind of fashion jewelry. These timepieces are mainly characterized by their aesthetic design which is obviously masculine yet classy.

Men’s Gold Watches are also sought for their materials like gold and stainless steel. The presence of these avoids irritation of the skin, especially when wearing a gold watch. The PVD or Physical Vapour Deposition coating makes men’s gold watches reserve their color. Without this kind of coating, a watch may discolor within a year when frequently used.

Most men’s gold watches have a quality watch glass made of sapphire glass. This watch glass helps maintain  a clear and scratch free look. The use of sapphire glass is usually indicated on the back of the watch. In addition, men’s gold watches have a quartz movement or a Certified Mechanical Movement (COSC). The use of ATM water resistance, a unit for measuring the level of water resistance in terms of atmosphere being the equivalent of pressure at the sea level, is also an indication of a quality men’s gold watch. All of these features make men’s gold watches suitable for a man’s personality, making them more marketable in the fashion industry.

Famous Men’s Gold Watches

Men’s gold watches come in a variety of styles and designs that capture every man’s personality. Here are some of the popular selections for men’s gold watches as an everyday fashion accessory.

Men’s Slim Runway Stainless Steel Quartz Watch is a famous timepiece of Michael Kors. With a 44 mm case and 22 mm band width, this men’s watch is a scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass luxury accessory. Its quality of being water resistant makes it very suitable for recreational swimming among men. Also, its gold stainless steel makes it a ready-to-wear timepiece of glamour and class.

Next is the Men’s Hampton Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Watch. This elegant men’s gold watch features a satin-finished gold-tone case and stainless steel with a matching instrument-inspired dial. Its strap features an adjustable length of 200 mm and dials are both gold-toned. Just like any other quality watches, its movement is characterized by a three-hand quartz.

The Men’s Element Aether Gold Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Watch is another popular men’s gold watch in the market. This work of elegance is a modern classic golden steel timepiece with three-hand quartz and black dial. Its gold-ion plated steel bracelet strap exudes the class and glamour of popular men’s gold watches.

We Buy Men’s Gold Watches

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