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Brief History

The history of watches can be traced way back to the 15th century. Sea explorers primarily used watches for navigation. The first ever watch is called the quadrant, which is basically a disc used with protractors to know the time. It is followed by mechanical clocks, which are hung in order to work.

This was followed by the 16th century, German watches which are characterized by their size. They were of large dimensions – larger than wristwatches but smaller than wall clocks. They were first called clock-watches and were used to express status and nobility, or simply as jewelry.

Men began wearing gold watches in their pockets in the 17th century, as prolonged exposure to natural elements caused them to malfunction. However, the pocket or fob watch was replaced by the concept of the wristwatch.

The invention of “balance spring” in a gold watch in 1675 greatly contributed to the accuracy of the time it tells. Temperature compensation, chronometers, and the lever escapement are some of the inventions during the 18th century.

In the 1980s, men and women alike perceived watches as fashion accessories or simply an extension of their clothing. The production of gold watches for men and women heightened the watch market as watches became an article of commerce. Various companies started making women’s gold watches for fashion. Then, the 21st century has marked its trend for creating gold watches for outdoor use.

Characteristics of Women’s Gold Watches

Gold is the most elegant color and metal. This is the reason why watchmakers started producing gold watches and why women prefer these kinds of watches. Gold watches are made of 14 and 18 karats gold. It can also be made from 24 karats gold. The former is suitable for daily wear, while the latter is for indoors or special occasions since pure gold is prone to scratches and dents because of its soft quality.

Types of Women’s Gold Watches

Gold watches are basically used for both men and women. They come in three types. First is yellow gold. This type is made up of gold alloy and metals such as copper and zinc. The downside of this kind is that it is not dent and scratch-resistant. The second type is white gold, a mixture of gold and other metals like palladium or platinum. Then, the third type is rose gold. This contains zinc and copper. This type is the strongest of all types because copper is stronger than white and yellow gold.

Women’s Gold Watches can be made from any of these types of gold watches depending on the market’s need and the customers’ booming interest. But the most common type of gold watch that women choose to buy is rose gold. Aside from the sophistication it brings from its costly materials, rose gold is much more durable than the first two types of the gold watch because of its copper content. Also, it does not require plating and does not wear very quickly.

Famous Women’s Gold Watches for Sale

Here are some of the women’s gold watches that are available in the market industry.

First is the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 18kt Rose Gold Ladies Diamond Watch is one of the delicate gold standard Swiss watches. It comes with an 18 karat rose gold case and bracelet. It has an 18-karat rose gold bezel with diamonds, rose gold-tone hands, and diamond hour markers. This watch is scratch and water-resistant.

Second is the Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas Black Opaline Dial Quartz Ladies Watch. This watch is composed of a single-spiral 18-karat serpent-like pink-gold and steel bracelet, 28-karat pink gold bezel with diamonds, black opaline dial, and pink gold-tone minute and hour markers.

Another popular women’s gold watch is the Omega Women’s Constellation Analog Swiss Quartz 18k Gold & Stainless Watch. It comprises 18 karats yellow gold bezel, stainless steel bracelet and case, gold-tone hands, and diamond hour markers. This watch is scratch and water-resistant.

Michael Kors Blair Rose Gold-Tone Watch is primarily described as having three sub-dials, crystal-studded bezel, date window, and rose, gold-plated stainless-steel band. It is suitable for the outdoors, especially for water activities, since it is water-resistant. Along with this is the Burgi Women’s Gold and See-Through Dial Quartz Movement Watch, which is famous for its gold-tone crystal-studded bezel, gold-tone hour and minute hands, and creamy satin leather strap.

Then, known for its simple yet classy champagne gold-tone watch is the Nine West Women’s Champagne Dial Gold-Tone Bracelet. With this watch, the time is easy to read because it has big numbers and markers. It also has a sun-ray effect on its dial features.  

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