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Gold rounds are pretty similar to gold coins – precious metals that come in the form of a circular disc. However, one major between gold rounds and gold coins is their manufacturer. Gold coins are a product of sovereign or government-run mints. Ergo, gold coins usually end up having higher premiums. On the other hand, gold rounds are from privately-owned mints. Additionally, even though gold rounds are not legally issued by any government, they are very much legal and remain a tradable commodity due to its hefty gold content.

Moreover, private mints do not have the authority to assign face value to any coins. As a result, people cannot use gold rounds distributed by private mints as a form of currency. Business establishments cannot accept gold rounds in exchange of their services or products since gold rounds do not carry any face value. Also, institutions and clinics cannot acknowledge gold rounds as payment for taxes, debts, and retirement plans because such rounds are not actually legal tender.

Value of Gold Rounds

Private mints manufacture and distribute gold rounds mainly as bullion items. Sometimes, private mints create and release gold rounds to commemorate certain historical events during an era. This results in special edition rounds. Inevitably, collectors and potential buyers value limited edition gold rounds higher than the common ones. Private mints simply encourage enthusiasts to collect gold rounds and use it to store and freeze the value of their hard cash. For this purpose, the varying amount of gold in different gold rounds is ideal. Obviously, having a high gold content makes a gold round even more valuable.

Moreover, gold rounds usually have more intricate, interesting, and delightful designs because they do not have to bear certain figures like its issuing year and face value. This “freedom and space” allows for more adventurous designs that never fail to tickle the public’s fancy. As a result, gold rounds with rare and unique designs gain more interest and are therefore entitled to a higher value. In fact, such rounds have now become a recurring trend among investors and collectors that like to put their collection-slash-investments on display.

Ultimately, there is a wide array of factors that buyers and sellers take into consideration when selling a gold round and establishing its value. These factors are usually very subjective, which means that what one person considers as a valuable characteristic does not necessarily apply to someone else. However, there are a few basic facets of a gold round that will always affect a round’s value. Below is a list of these characteristics:

  • Gold content
  • Design, Edition, Date
  • Physical condition
  • Prominence of details in design
  • Luster and appeal
  • Desirability and supply of the gold round

We Buy Gold Rounds

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