Sell Gold Chains | Where to Sell Your Gold Chains in Las Vegas

Connected pieces called links are what pretty much makeup chains. People make and use chains for various purposes, depending on its size. They use the bigger ones for industrial purposes and the smaller ones for jewelry. When owners embellish a chain with charms or pendants, it becomes either a bracelet or necklace. Chains are pretty much the main item that makes up most jewelry pieces, and they often can contain huge amounts of precious metals like silver and gold. Gold chains are actually huge today, and Nevada Coin Mart is the best place where you can sell your gold chains. We offer the highest amount of cash for the value of gold chains in all of Las Vegas. If you want to learn what factors can influence the price of gold chains, you should read on. 

Sell Your Gold Chains

There are a variety of gold chains in the market that work perfectly fine for both men and women. We sell all types of gold chains made from 8k, 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, and 24k gold. This is primarily one major consideration in determining value of your gold chains. Here are some types that you might have which will be useful as you decide to sell your gold chains in the future: 

  • Anchor chains are also called mariner chains because they resemble the chains connected; thus, they make a great choice for those fond of the sea. They have interlocking ovals with a bar across the center of each oval and are traditionally flat. 
  • Box chains are called because of their square links connected together to form a continuous, smooth chain that is quite popular with both men and women; with men preferring wider ones more. This chain type does not break easily.
  • Byzantine chains are the rarest and most powerful among chain types in that each of its links passes through the other four, thereby imitating a rope’s texture. Moreover, this chain type is luxurious, supple, and flexible all at once. 
  • Figaro chains consist of a pattern of repeating links; mostly, one of those links is a rectangular one that is longer. A succession of smaller oval or round links follows the rectangular one, resulting in a unique and intricate necklace.  To sell this gold chain is one of the most sought-after items in the market today.

With these innovations, selling gold chains becomes a trend in the market industry of gold as it is deemed highly collectible among a lot of investors. For instance, to any gold jewelry buyer, your 14k gold chain price is definitely going to be the perfect offer! 

Gold Chains Value

When you sell your gold chain, its value is first determined through the stone on it. If there are, experts like a gemologist will have to identify the value or worth of the stone. However, if there are no stones, your gold pendant will be valued based on the resell market price as a jewelry piece. Otherwise, it will be bought based on its gold melt value. 

Price of a Gold Chain

The purity of the gold pendants is identified in karat using an X-ray Spectrometer. After it is evaluated, its value or price will be calculated using the commodity market price of gold or its spot price. For example, to determine the 14k gold chain price, experts follow this reference or guide. To learn more about it, click here:

Where to Sell Gold Chains

Do you want to sell your gold chain? Bring them to Nevada Coin Mart – the jewelry store that prides itself on being the LARGEST buyer of gold chains and other gold jewelry in Las Vegas. If you want to make money off your preloved gold chains, sell your gold chains to us. We are the place to go for a fast and fair market assessment and instant cash on the spot. We can help you find out the true price of a gold chain so you can get the best deal for your items. 

Brief History

The use of gold chains dates back to the earliest cultures of civilizations. People commonly use them to embellish their costumes or outfit. Around 2500 BC, ancient Egyptians first started threading gold and silver to come up with chains. Historians claim that the Egyptians used such chains to ward off evil and attract good luck.

Historians also attribute the popular use of gold chains to Babylonia. Queen Puabi used and collected massive amounts of gold ornament such as elaborate headdresses and chains embellished with lapis and cornelian stones as belts and necklaces.  Her chains were famous for their perennial loop-in-loop which became a trend in the Mediterranean and Western Asia. 

Today, people associate gold chains with the Hip Hop culture and fashion. It continues to progress in styles and designs in response to the changing market trends.