Jim A.

Don’t let the marketing schtick fool you. This, seriously, is a valuable business to know and use. I’ve sold jewelry and metal and felt good about the results in each case. For jewelry they have a spectral analysis machine that accurately tells the content … no guesswork. When I sold them metal recently their price was far-and-away much better than 2 other places in town that I called and saved me shipping hassle with other alternatives. I’ll go back when the situation arises.

Michael M.

Second time visiting, sold some more silver and gold and was given a very generous offer. Here’s the thing , everyone is friendly and knowledgeable here and treats me with the highest respect and courtesy I dealt with Nick again and it was a pleasure, Nick readily answers questions and even looked at some of the coins I’m collecting,transaction took no more than 10-15 mins, I took a moment to look around and was blown away at the inventory here even picking up a ’72 Eisenhower in mint state…. What a no nonsense great place to do business!

Richard C.

This is a first class business. I found them to be very fair and patient. We came with many articles of jewelry and Ron, (who is wonderful, knowledgeable, and courteous,) inspected each piece very carefully to make sure that we were getting the most value. There is no question that I would recommend this business without any hesitation whatsoever.